Environmental Policies

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We view ‘green practices’ conscientiously and always aim to maintain a safe and sustainable workplace.

KBG has introduced ‘Environmental Policies and Procedures’ within the organisation to assist in not only reducing our carbon footprint, but to consistently deliver a safer and more sustainable workplace for all involved with KBG brand.

Due to the nature of the work, we know how messy a worksite can get. As a result, our organisation is very committed to implementing procedures that minimise waste across all our work sites; and in turn, help make a positive difference to the environment.

Green practices include:

  • Implementing procedures that reduce noise, disruption and traffic.
  • Reducing our water, energy and waste output
  • Reducing the amount of chemicals used on-site
  • Saving energy where possible
  • Adopting sustainable / green work practices across all our site projects.

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